The most horrifying story ever told!

General Knowledge / General Knowledge

Alright, not quite, but bad enough. I left my truck unlocked and my 32GB Gen 1 iPod Touch is gone. Stolen. Forever. Way to go, me.

I hope all you out there know that stealing is wrong. Maybe the person who stole it is reading this? If so and your conscience gets the best of you, just drive on over to 15346 S. Keeler and return it and all will be forgiven–as long as you didn’t mess with my apps or playlists.

By the way, I highly recommend buying an insurance policy for your iPod or iPhones (especially the Phones and Touches). I believe there are several to choose from, and plenty of online reviews for you to read to make your own decision on who to go with. Too bad I don’t listen to my own advice!

It’s a good thing Apple came out with all the new iPod models/price changes yesterday.

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