The most delicious Apple product

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Sometimes we talk so much about Apple the brand, we forget that apples are also a fruit. Thanks to the help of one apple orchard in Japan, the two now go hand in hand.

According to the blog Lost at E Minor, the orchard used plaster stickers in the shapes of the Apple logo and an iPod to “tan-too” the fruit. The covered part of the apple skin didn’t change color as the fruits ripened, leaving behind the impression of the logo in a lighter color. Now people can bite into an Apple-branded apple.

While it does seem amazing that no one has thought to make apples with the Apple logo, this is not the first gourmet outpouring of Apple love. Mashable rounded up a gallery of Apple cakes in the shapes of various Mac and iOS products, which also included a cheese mold in the shape of Steve Jobs’ head, and several Etsy stores sell Apple-logo cupcake toppers.

For iPhone owners who want to use those apples to bake a pie or another fruit-filled treat, there are a range of baking apps to help out, including Martha Stewart Makes Cookies and The Photo Cookbook, The Apple Bites pointed out. And if you drop your iPhone in the pie filling, you can turn to iPhone repair from iResQ to get it working again, so you can get back to whipping up a delicious dessert.

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