The Iceman Cometh

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Every five or six years here in Kansas City another ice storm sweeps through, knocking out power, glossing the roads over, and leaving colossal heaps of broken icy branches in suburban front yards. The last two hit in October before anyone was ready, but here we are two weeks into December and guess what? My driveway is covered in an inch of solid ice and Home Depot is out of salt. Mike is locked up in his apartment in Lawrence, 30 miles west of IResQ, probably sitting on his couch, drinking hot chocolate and watching SportsCenter or Flight of the Conchords. So, I’m your guest bloggist for the day. Deal with it.

With Apple’s perpetual ability to not only turn out new things that we never knew we needed, but also combine those things into fantastic gadgets that blow the minds of tech geeks worldwide, one has to ask the question, “where does it stop?” Well, maybe one doesn’t have to. But I’m going to. So deal with it. Drew, the artist behind the web-comic Toothpaste For Dinner, offers this commentary:


Which gave me a great idea for a contest. Or, at the very least, an idea. Send us your best idea for the next Apple combo gadget (e.g. iPod/phone/camera, etc.) and receive $20 off your next iBook, PowerBook, MacBook or MacBook Pro repair. Send your ideas to through December 17th. And check out the picture below of the frozen tree outside our headquarters, taken with my iPhone. Godspeed, inventors.


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