The greatest foosball ever played.

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Hello again, friends. After a delightful week away from the office, I have returned. Wife, baby and I spent a few days at a leadership retreat in glorious Buena Vista, Colorado, staying at one of my absolute favorite places in the world- Trail West, which is a Young Life family facility. Just take a look at the best deck in the world:

Nothing lets you push the reset button quite like cold mountain air and wide open skies. And foosball. What you probably don’t know about some of us here at iResQ is that we have the occasional foosball showdown over lunch, which can get a little heated at times. In fact, there’s a certain iPhone technician and Notebook technician who have been making things a little miserable for everyone else for the last few months and really need to be knocked down a peg or two. So I thought I’d make them jealous and show them the table that I threw down on a few times this week:

Ah, there’s not much that can beat that. Foos on the side of a mountain.

I’ve done a fair amount of flying over the last year, and the thing that I keep noticing, not that this should come as a surprise, is the always-increasing number of Apple devices in airports. Sure, the iPod and white ear buds have been pretty ubiquitous in public places for the last seven or eight years at least, and MacBooks and MacBook Pros have started showing up more and more, but until recently I’ve observed that PCs have still been the dominant airport laptop. Well, not anymore. The number of travelers using MacBooks, MacBook Airs and iPads for games, music, movies and even work was greater than that of those building spreadsheets on PCs. I even got a chance to talk to a few people and ask about their experiences, and if they had any issues with their machines. They all reported that their Apple computers held up to travel (even baggage handlers and overhead compartments), but most also had a son or a wife or a dog that was responsible for dropping a MacBook or accidentally throwing an iPhone out of a moving car, or soiling an iPad. And they happy to know of places like iResQ who can help in those situations. So if you’re one of these airport dwellers, take comfort in knowing we’re here. See you next week.


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