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Good Monday to everyone. Brian’s Halloween Specials are still running through this week, so hop on those discounts if you want to save some serious cash. Let’s very briefly talk about OS 10.7. I mean very briefly, because Steve didn’t really reveal much about Lion yet, other than it’s going to incorporate multiple user interface features that have been so popular on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Not only are there new operational features like the Mac App Store and LaunchPad, but it seems there are going to be several different processes that may or may not radically change how Mac OS works. Most significantly, the resuming of Apps when opened rather than keeping them running while minimized. Is it possible that all this is preparation for desktop and portable computers that operate more like the iPad? Could Apple be going all touch screen? And does that mean that Flash will be incompatible with every product Apple makes? The mind races with such prospect.

Lastly, after two relatively heart-breaking losses in the AFC South, the Chiefs convincingly put away the Jacksonville Jaguars despite the second and third awful pass interference calls in two weeks. That puts them well above the floundering Broncos and Chargers, and still two games ahead of the Raiders in the AFC West. So all is well in Kansas City again. For now. Let’s take a look at some of that sweetness:

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