Teardowns reveal manufacturing cost of 5S, 5C

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When buying an iPhone or sending it in for iPhone repair one often wonders exactly how much these parts cost Apple to manufacture. Well look no further. IHS released their findings for both of the new iPhone models.

The iPhone 5S costs $199 dollars between the materials and the manufacturing, according to IHS. This is up just two dollars from the original iPhone 5. The difference comes from the newer processor – the A7 in the 5S costs $19 compared to the $13 charge for the A6 – and the fingerprint scanner, which is $15 dollars. The cost also increased for iPhones with more storage, as the 32 GB model was $208 to manufacture and the 64 GB was $218.

Meanwhile, the 5C costs Apple just $173 dollars after combining materials and manufacturing. One reason the cost is so much lower than the 5S is because the hardware is very similar to the iPhone five.

“Because of this, the iPhone 5C benefits from the normal cost reductions that typically occur for electronic devices during the period of a year,” senior director of cost benchmarking services for IHS Andrew Rassweiler said. 

Another reason the costs for the 5C were down was the the display module, which is cheaper than it was last year, costing just $41.

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