Tails from the Cat House

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Yep that’s my boy Chet.  I named him after one of my favorite jazz players/singers Chet Baker.    Chet’s got a poofy head and at home we call him “the poof”.
Hope everyone had a magical holiday season.   I sure did.   Now if only the weather that accompanied it would just go away that would be marvelous.     My car has been in stuck one ditch (on Christmas), slid up and down dozens of hills and my toes have just about frozen apart from my body.    Never been a fan of winter and I never will….
…but let’s get back to the point:  Cats.    One thing that distracts me from the depression of subzero temperatures is cats.    Hey, we even have one of our customer service guys nicknamed “Cat Man”.    Next time you call in to place an order,  you COULD request “The Cat Man” to get started, if your heart so desires.    Anyway, on the topic of real, furry felines, besides Chet, the other two feline members of my family are Athena and Endy:

They’re good little kitties even though in this pic they’re fighting over the ‘ol cat house.

OK so let’s get to the fun part.    My QPON this time will be for 6 bucks off of any repair – NOT DIAGNOSTIC SERVICES – only flat-rate repairs.    Simply create your flat-rate repair order and email me your order confirmation number with the QPON “CAT MAN” to mick@iresq.com and I’ll discount your order 6 bucks.

Hope everyone is doing well out there in the world – be safe and nice to each other!

Until next time….


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