Surge in iOS 6 adoption

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A recent report from ad management platform MoPub indicated that there was a 29 percent increase in unique iOS 6 users in the five days following Google Maps iOS release on December 12.

“The data from MoPub, which supports 12,000 apps and monitors 1 billion ad impressions daily, suggests that quite a few iDevice owners were waiting for a better mapping solution before upgrading to Apple's newest operating system,” wrote contributor Juli Clover for MacRumors.

However, since this report, ad network and analytics firm Chitika reported that it has not seen a significant increase in unique iOS users, suggesting that MoPub's data was really affected by Apple's release of the iPhone 5 in China and not the release of Google Maps for iOS.

The difference in the data used for MoPub's report and the data used for Chitika is that Chitika only analyzed domestic data from the United States and Canada, while MoPub used international data. With Apple recently reporting selling more than 2 million iPhone 5 devices in the first weekend of sales in China, it is likely that the surge in iOS adoption is coming from Apple's growing global presence.

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