Super Harvest Moon

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Don’t miss it! Tonight you have the opportunity to witness a rare Super Harvest Moon. No, I’m not talking about the Nintendo classic. I’m talking about our very own moon. Not much time left to see it though. If you can, be sure to be outside at around 7:00PM tonight or whenever the sun sets where you’re located. That’s when this is all going down. Apparently, as the sun sets tonight, the moon will be rising at exactly the same time, so the light from the sun will be reflecting off the moon creating a 360 degree twilight. The folks at Gizmodo can explain this whole thing better than myself, so check out their article here.

I’ll be sure to be outside tonight with my wife and son to see it. Speaking of the fam, I was able to get me and my son some super cheesy, but awesome “Grandma Pants”. What’s that, you ask? Well, that’s the name of the company that makes fleece pants with pockets and a draw string…perfect for lounging around the house during winter. And they are super comfy. Check out this picture of us wearing them, representing my alma mater:

On a completely different subject (I know, there is no consistency to this blog post, I’m all over the place today!), have you ever whipped out your iPod and looked through the tracks only to find a ton of “Unknown Artists” and “Unknown Album” tracks with no names? Man does that annoy me. I was just randomly flipping through my library and stumbled upon a rare, un-labeled Jimi Hendrix track of him just jamming in the studio with his band and another musician playing a Hammond Organ. If I didn’t accidentally stumble on this gem I would have probably never listened to it because it was not labeled correctly. A lot of my older and more obscure music simply isn’t recognized by the iTunes database and thus gets imported into my iTunes library without any identification. Cleaning this mess up would be time consuming. If there is anyone out there that has a good solution to this, email me at If I get something that works great, I’ll extend a $5.00 coupon to whoever can help. Of course, this coupon would only apply to flat-rate repairs.

Well, its just about time to wrap things up and be on our way.

Until next time.

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