Study Reveals Mobile Addiction Leads to Depression and Anxiety

Mobile Device Support / General Knowledge

A study from the University of Illinois finds that an addiction to mobile devices can lead to depression and anxiety in college students. We know you’re really surprised by this (not really), but it is something we all need to be aware of as technology continues to advance.

The study found when participants were not able to use their mobile device, they felt life was boring, sad, and empty. They felt as though there was no use in living when they didn’t have that one little device in their hands.

So, what is it that causes the depression and anxiety? It’s not knowing what to do without it. We all know that living with a cellphone is possible. Most of us remember the days when we didn’t have to be connected to people at all times. However, we knew what to do with ourselves…with our life. Now, those who have grown up with mobile devices have turned to them so much they haven’t learned what they should do without them. They simply have no idea.

If people were forced to not have a mobile device for a long time, they would adapt and probably overcome the depression and anxiety. However, that’s not going to happen.

What we need to do instead is ensure we are keeping ourselves in check. If mobile device reliance is getting out of control, it may be good to have a no cellphone day or maybe just for two hours. That way you can experience life offline for a little while. It may make you anxious at first, but when you learn that everything will be okay if you’re not online at all times, it will start to feel better.

Just make sure you don’t allow mobile technology to ruin your life. That’s all…

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