Stop Using a Shattered Phone—Get a Screen Replacement

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There are multiple dangers to using a cracked or shattered phone screen. When your phone is cracked or shattered, go ahead and get a screen replacement. It is typically a super-fast process and is affordable to do, especially when considering the cost of a new phone and activation.

Otherwise, you are exposing your phone to further damage and risking cutting your fingers. A cracked screen is distracting at minimum. Instead of focusing on the content filling the screen, you are trying to reorient your eyes around the cracks. If you are using GPS on your cell phone while driving, the cracked screen may be distracting enough to take your eyes off the road for longer than anticipated. When your phone screen has a crack or is shattered, the phone components are no longer protected under the safety of the glass and will become shorted out or broken if liquids get inside the phone.

Replacing an Android smartphone or an iPhone before the contract or payment plan ends is expensive, and most people don’t have a spare cell phone lying around to use instead. The most inexpensive way to get your phone back to new is to get a screen replacement for your shattered phone. In some cases the glass will need to be replaced, and other shattered phones will require the entire screen to be replaced.

If you are not willing to pay the high price tag from your manufacturer, carrier, or the local Apple store than you should check into the screen replacement services available in your local cell phone repair shop. They can usually diagnose your cellphone repair immediately and for free to advise you on what needs to be replaced, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. Typically, the cost is $100 – $200 to replace the screen on an Android or iPhone from your local shop.

If your cell phone or iPhone is less than one year old, it is advisable to check with your carrier and manufacturer to see if they will replace the screen for free or next to nothing. Research a local cell phone repair shop like iResQ to ensure they warranty their work before spending any money with them – we do. Check out local reviews online for iResQ to see what others think of us.

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