Some iOS 7 features cause frustration

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​The latest iOS 7 opened to fanfare a week ago with its new design and advanced features. However, there are some that have changed from iOS 6 that have caused frustration because users were so accustomed to the way things were, undoubtedly causing some to smash their iPhones and now need iPhone repair. ReadWrite contributor Lauren Orsini talked about some of these frustrating features and what users can do about them.

One new feature is the way apps are closed. Instead of being able to double tap the home screen and bring up the application icons across the bottom to easily exit out of them, double tapping now brings up the icons with a screen capture of each application above them. Touching the app icons does nothing, however. Ownersmust now get used to swiping the screen captures up to close out of an application.

Another possibly annoying process is the automatic passcode. When first using the iPhone with the new operating system, it asks them to input a code. Now those who didn't use a passcode before the update already have one that pops up every time they press the home screen. There is a fix, though. Head into settings and find “passcode lock.” There, users will be able to get rid of that pesky passcode once and for all.

Not to fear, though, the new update provides plenty of cool new features. CBS talked about some of these that are improved on the latest update.

Organizing and sharing photos with others became a lot easier. Photos are now organized by when and where you take them instead of just a common receptacle. Users are also able to share entire days with friends through social media.

Siri also became easier to use. If it didn't understand something that was said, owners can now go in and edit the text that you want Siri to answer.

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