Some apps you didn’t know you needed until now (Part 2)

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There are one million apps on Apple's App Store, but only a fraction of those can be called genuinely useful. Sometimes, though, it takes some digging to find apps that you otherwise wouldn't even realize you need. Fortunately, we've done that weighty investigative work already so you don't have to. In Part 1, we told you about two apps that emit frequencies – one to drive teens away, the other to bring dogs close. Quirky and useful, they're the kind of programs you're guaranteed to miss when your phone is at the cell phone repair shop. Along the lines of unexpectedly helpful apps, we've compiled a few more.

1. Making sure your teeth get brushed – the right way. Most people (if they're lucky) only get to visit the dentist twice a year. But what if an app could provide a mini-dentist contained within your phone screen? That is exactly what Bohrium Labs' Toothbrush Fitness app seeks to do. Brushing one's teeth can be an exercise in tedium, and for many people, that's a reason to avoid it. But Toothbrush Fitness makes the mere act of brushing a game, wherein you choose between an electric toothbrush or classic brush “workout,” and are then timed during your efforts. The app comes equipped with a timer to make sure you're getting those two minutes twice a day, as well as a handy guide showing you the best methods of brushing. And with daily tips supplied by different dentists, the app truly does work alongside teeth professionals to keep your grill shiny and cavity-free.

2. Getting your optimal water intake. The benefits of drinking water may not be immediately apparent to most, but the consequences sure are. Fail to meet your water daily minimum and you may well find yourself light-headed and lethargic. For all the workout fiends out there, not replenishing liquids can result in horrible muscle spasms that can impede future fitness. For a lot of people out there, chronic dehydration is a reality of their life – even if they don't know it. Since our bodies are comprised of nearly 70 percent water, it is important that every person give H20 its dues. An app called Daily Water can lend a helping hand there. Because the app is solely geared toward making sure your water intake is prime, you can bet its features are highly specific. They include the ability to set water goals on a daily basis, a system of alerts that will tell you when to drink, a running tally on your water intake over the past days and weeks and the ability to generate and adhere to a (water) drinking schedule. “Exactly what I needed to keep track of my water and provide gentle reminders thru the day,” one user said. “I've had a tough time remembering to drink even when the glass is in front of me. Get busy with work and other things. App is helping me get in the right habit!” By using this app, you too can get the right habit. And hey, at least two-thirds of your body will thank you.

3. Holding down a button for a really long time. Hold On!, by IMAK Creations, is an app of far more dubious utility than the other two. After all, its sole function centers on holding a button down for as long as you can. The time you devote to each session is then recorded – and by recorded, we mean down to the milisecond – and filed away in a broad user database that charts the highest scorers. So what is this all about? According to the app's official description, its mission is to “Develop your perseverance and improve your concentration skills to make you more productive!” Customers seem to be viewing it this way as well, with one user saying that, “It truly does enhance your focus and make you more productive.” He added that after completing his review he'd be attempting to beat the world record. But like any great thing, it appears some cheaters have gotten in on the mix, logging in scores of 1,000+ hours and apparently leading to a refresh of the game's high score board.

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