Some apps you didn’t know you needed until now (Part 1)

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The expression “There's an app for that” used to be tossed around in a sarcastic way – a reflection of our culture's increasing reliance on mobile apps to wake us up, guide us to work and find us the nearest Starbucks. Isaac Asimov and H.G. Wells once imagined a world in which man and technology became irreversibly entangled, and for better or worse, that seems to be the world we live in now. In October 2013, Apple's App​ Store welcomed its one millionth app, according to The Verge. But it's not just the numbers that tell the story. Think about yourself. How did you feel when you had to take your phone in for an iPhone repair? Did you perhaps feel almost powerless? Unable to wake up on time for work, not dressing for the weather?

If so, you're not alone. Apps help everyone who uses them. They make navigation easier, planning a breeze and provide a much-needed respite during downtime on the job. But for all the apps that you need – like Google Maps, mobile banking and even a flashlight – there are hundreds that you never knew you needed. Until now. Here we present a list of some apps that will make you feel even more sad the next time you temporarily lose your phone to a cell phone repair shop.

1. Getting some peace and quiet from the teens. This one is for all the overburdened parents out there. Wonderful as your kids are, we imagine that they occasionally leave you wanting some well-deserved peace. And yet no matter where you try to go, there they are – pestering you for the car or the credit card, refusing to leave until their needs are met. Well now the folks at Kemsley Group Ltd. are giving parents the upper hand with an app called Annoy-A-Teen. According to its description, the app is expertly designed to generate “irritatingly high frequency sounds that most adults have lost their ability to hear, thereby targeting teenagers.” The app allows you to control the type and duration of sounds being emitted, from an enraging “Alien” sound to pulsating noise that will likely drive any teen far away. “I worked at a movie theater that has kids loitering in the lobby,” one user wrote. “This app cleared the lobby in no time! Worked like a charm.” Is it a little mean-spirited? Perhaps. But necessary? Definitely.

2. Teaching your dog new tricks. Just like the previous app, this one generates frequencies, but unlike Annoy-A-Teen's attempt to keep the youngsters away, Dog Whistler is designed to keep your canine pal close. The app provides a host of different tones – including short beeps, long beeps and static frequencies – all designed to communicate with your dog. For everyone out there who's facing some challenges teaching Spot to stay, this is your app. Its features make it the perfect training companion tool. If, for instance, you're attempting to keep Buster off that new IKEA couch, you can place the app on the couch and activate it to emit a series of movement-triggered warnings aimed at keeping Buster off. In its YouTube review of the app, iApplicate gave it a 4 out of 5 for tech novelty, adding that, “This app is perfect for dog trainers.” Users on the Apple Store seem to be mixed about the app's efficacy. According to one, “As far as dogs go, it will still make them turn their heads from side to side,” though that user did not add more details about the app's ability to train. But all dogs are different, so it's worth trying out on yours. However, if your dog has a problem with licking your iPhone screen, we absolutely do not advise using this app to train the animal otherwise. Doing that may trigger a one-way ticket to a cell phone repair shop.

Like these apps? Well, there's more where that came from. From brushing your teeth to knowing how much water to drink, there are apps that can assist you in literally every walk of life. Tune into Part 2 to read about more apps that you'll immediately realize you need.

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