So I’m in my fantasy football championship

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I haven’t really talked much about fantasy football this year in my blog.


Well I’ll be happy to announce to those of you who share the same passion for fantasy football as I do by letting you know that I’m in the world championship of fantasy football in my league.    Here’s a pic of when I won the championship back in 2005… back when I had hair on my head:


So needless to say I’m very nervous about my matchup but it will be fun regardless of the outcome.     Hopefully this is what the scene will look like Monday night around 11PM CST:


So basically what I’m getting at is, if I win, then I’ll offer the QPON ‘CHAMPION’…. just kidding.     REGARDLESS of the outcome, starting today, email me the QPON ‘CHAMPION’ to with your order number and I will knock 6 dollars off of your order.   As always, this does not include any diagnostic services, only repairs!

I’ll be back in two weeks with ‘The Man of the Hour’ to do our “Best iResQ Blogs of 2008” Blog but until then happy holidays to all and be safe out there in the world!


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