Snazzy new iOS 6 available September 19

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At its September 12 press event, Apple announced a range of new products, including the operating system that will keep them all running. And customers won’t have to wait to get their hands on the iPhone 5 to try out iOS 6: The new software will be available starting September 19.

Apple’s senior vice president of iOS software, Scott Forstall, showed off iOS 6’s most exciting features at the event. He focused on a new Maps app that ditches Google Maps for Apple’s own vector-based system with turn-by-turn directions, traffic updates, satellite images and 3D flyover views of cities.

Another big update to the operating system is the ability to tweet and update Facebook from inside other apps, allowing users to post photos directly from the Camera app, for instance. An improved version of Siri can also post to Facebook.

A new app called Passbook lets users gather tickets, coupons, boarding passes and more in one location like a digital wallet. Other features include the ability to use FaceTime over 3G networks, and the iOS 6 website notes improved phone features such as the ability to automatically respond to declined calls with a text.

The best part? The new OS is available for every iPhone model since the 3GS. With iPhone repair from iResQ, that means that even a broken iPhone 4 can be back up and running iOS 6 in no time.

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