Siri comprehends most of what you say but not quite accurate yet

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Any new user of the Apple iPhone 4 or 4S will tell you that the Siri app is extremely cool on first view, but does it work? AppleInsider talked to Piper Jaffray Analyst Gene Munster, who said Siri's comprehension comes in at 83 percent but its street accuracy only comes in at 62 percent. This means people with older, Siri-less devices may feel comfortable getting iPhone repair for their device and waiting until later for a new smartphone.

“We believe the most likely substitute for Siri is Google text input on the iPhone, not the Google voice search app,” Munster explained of his research methods to the news source. The test showed that the app did better in quiet room testing, with 89 percent comprehension and an accuracy of 68 percent. When Google was asked the same questions as Siri via text, there was an 86 percent accuracy.

Of the 83 percent of the questions Siri could understand, Munster told the news source that only 21 percent were answered inaccurately, so there is definitely a good jumping off point for the virtual assistant app.

Those wanting to fix up an older iPhone while the kinks are worked out of Siri can send their device over to iResQ. With iPhone repair, users can get their devices back quickly and be able to have a working Apple smartphone for an inexpensive price.

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