Russia pays tribute to Steve Jobs’ legacy

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While technology often seems to be focused on making things smaller, thinner and more compact, there has been news of a giant-sized iPhone. However, this huge device is not hitting the market to be carted home by masses of consumers any time in the future. It's a memorial to Apple founder Steve Jobs.

The Daily Mail recently reported that the Russian city of St. Petersburg has unveiled a memorial stone that is in the shape of a giant iPhone 5.

“The interactive monument, which stands over six foot tall, has a screen on the front that shows a slideshow with photographs and videos commemorating key moments in Jobs' life,” the Daily Mail's Daniel Miller wrote. “These include some of his most well-known speeches as Apple CEO with accompanying text translated into different languages.”

On the back of the massive iPhone memorial, visitors will find a QR code that can be scanned with a smartphone to be directed to an informational memorial website. Sources explained that the memorial is the result of a competition held by the Progress IT fund over the past year to decide on the monument design.

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