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Well, there’s nothing to talk about in the Apple universe. Nothing interesting happening. Nothing at all. Oh wait- you’ve probably heard. There’s a potential leak of the next generation of iPhone. Rather than repeat all the information and speculation and denials and supportive evidence, et al, take this over to and read for yourself. For those of you who like to read less, here’s the brief: Apple Software Engineer takes fourth generation iPhone out to test. Said engineer leaves iPhone in a bar. Tech blog Gizmodo buys iPhone off whoever found it, writes relatively exploitative piece on Apple’s security flaws and takes pictures of new iPhone model. Then the internet tech community gets all vocal about it. The end.

There are certainly elements of the story that seem legit. Then again, Apple has a history of misdirection when it comes to high anticipation of it’s new products. And there’s definitely plenty of that- I certainly don’t remember this much excitement over the introduction of the iPhone 3G and 3Gs. But if those pictures are in fact the next generation of the world’s favorite phone, count me in. The casings are a significant design improvement, and the new camera features seem to be what all current iPhone users have been clamoring for. So speculate all you want, and just for funsies, take a look at other stabs at the new design, courtesy of your internet. My personal favorite is the one with the removable door for access to the AA batteries. Enjoy

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