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One of the most anticipated new devices of 2014 is without a doubt the iPhone 6. Speculation as to the release date and specifications of the device are still hotly contested, with several popular theories continuing to circulate with each passing day.

However it will look, feel or arrive to the masses, the iPhone 6 is certainly gaining an increasing amount of attention. Apple's next step could go in a number of theoretical directions, but only time will tell how they choose to proceed.

Release date unclear
There is still much uncertainty surrounding when the iPhone 6 will be available to the general public. According to International Business Times contributor Kristin Mariano, many who monitor the industry are predicting several different release dates in March, May, September and October of this year. Some speculate that an earlier release date would allow Apple to take the top share of the mobile device market for the first quarter. But others still feel that while the iPhone 6 won't debut until fall, Apple fans could still see something new in the spring. An iPhone with a bigger screen could theoretically be distributed as a stopgap device until the next official generation sees the light of day.

Regardless of when it drops, the iPhone 6 is all but confirmed to have a large enough screen to be considered a “phablet,” the middle ground between a tablet and a smartphone in terms of display size. Other rumors maintain that the screen could end up being curved and/or flexible.

Potential specifications
The components and features for the iPhone 6 are just as up in the air as the the release date is at this point. According to GottaBeMobile contributor Craig Lloyd, the rumors surrounding the screen go so far as to claim that it will wrap around the sides of the device. While this is one of the more far-fetched speculations, the screen is no doubt going to be bigger.

Another new feature for the iPhone 6 could be the inclusion of wireless charging. According to Lloyd, this technology is still relatively new, but increasing implementation in other units – as well as several patents filed by Apple – suggest that they are working to bring this capability to the next wave of iPhones. According to International Business Times contributor Erik Pineda, if this technology does appear in the iPhone 6, it will likely be ready to charge wirelessly right out of the box.

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