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Whew. I feel like it’s been a long time. That’s probably because it has. You haven’t heard much from me in the last two weeks because I’ve been a’travelin. And though I’m a little worn out from the quick turnaround, I relished the opportunity to spend a little time in two of my favorite cities in the U.S.

First, I spent a week Denver where my cousin got married. The mountains, the thin and dry air, the Casa Bonita. Actually, I ducked out of the obligation to go to Casa Bonita with all the nieces and nephews because I had to “put my daughter down for a nap.” Good thing too, because it didn’t settle well with everyone else. But you have to go once in your life, I promise. A bad $12 meal and moderate to severe abdominal pain for the remainder of the day is a small price to pay for cliff divers and balloons.

The door to the cultural experience of a lifetime.

I also strapped the kid into the Baby Bjorn and hiked up the 5,302 steps up the backside of Red Rocks Amphitheatre (at least it seemed like that many with an eight-month old strapped to my chest) to one of my all-time favorite views of anything ever. And we got to watch Primus’ soundcheck before their show that night. Check out the stage:

Soundchecking American Life

Next, it was on to the Twin Cities to reunite with some friends and family that hadn’t met the baby yet. Now I know I’ve never spent a whole winter there, but if you live in Minneapolis I say you count yourself lucky. I love that town. The lakes, the humid air, the Casa Bonita. Wait, no. The State Fair with everything fried you could ever want fried. Anyway, there’s something about the northern midwest in the late summer and fall that’s just really satisfying, and I kind of want to move there. At least for about six weeks in August and September.

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