RIP Jeff’s Mustache

General Knowledge / General Knowledge

Goodnight sweet prince.

One of our beloved iResQ employees, Jeff, just shaved off what was probably one of the greatest mustaches in the history of time and space.

It only lasted a week, but some of the guys here put him up to it, dangling the prospect of several free Culver’s Concretes in exchange for a week’s worth of mustache – Jeff accepted.

Anyway this will mark the end of my monthlong fascination with the men of iResQ and their mustaches.      In honor of this, I would like to offer the QPON “JEFF’S MUSTACHE” for 6 bucks off of any repair.    As usual, this does not apply to diagnostic services – only repairs.   Simply email me your order confirmation number at with the QPON code “JEFF’S MUSTACHE” and I’ll discount your order.

Have a great couple weeks and here’s my man Jeff and his beauti-stache (and the iResQ Blog sensation, Keith):


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