Reviews for iOS 6 come pouring in

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The September 19 release of iOS 6 brought with it plenty of excitement and chatter about the new features landing on iPhones and iPads.

Even users who don’t upgrade to the iPhone 5 on September 21 can take advantage of many new features by updating to iOS 6, and with iPhone repair and iPad repair from iResQ, accidents won’t prevent you from trying out the tweaks to the operating system.

Those tweaks are numerous, and, for many reviewers, the small changes were the iOS 6 features that generated the most excitement. New call response options make it easy to respond to calls with a text message or set up reminders to call back later.

“It’s an unexpected improvement—really, who thought that the telephone could still be improved upon after all these years—but a welcome one,” wrote MacWorld reviewer Dan Moren.

TechCruch’s Darrell Etherington praised the new Do Not Disturb feature and the addition of a native Clock app for iPad.

Facebook integration, FaceTime over cellular and the new Passbook app all received positive attention from a number of reviewers, although several noted that Passbook’s true usefulness is largely unknown until brands start taking advantage of it.

The most polarizing change was Apple’s new Maps app, which many reviewers saw as a downgrade from Google’s offering, especially since it fails to include public transportation directions. Nonetheless, the app’s turn-by-turn directions and Yelp integration generated praise.

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