Return of the Krampus

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Greetings friends. And happy March to you. This week in Kansas City the sun came out and the temperature jumped above forty degrees for the first time in what seems like years. So everything’s just a little happier here. Perhaps not as happy as it is in Mexico where your favorite sales manager Mick is assuredly toasting his pasty Scottish skin off, but things are looking brighter.

For one thing, the state of Kansas, where iResQ resides, is currently home to two top five basketball teams. Take that, North Carolina. That’s right- the No. 2 Kansas Jayhawks and the No. 5 Kansas State Wildcats are facing off tonight at the historic Allen Fieldhouse in Lawrence. And the implications are huge for the Big 12 conference- if Kansas happens to lose tonight and later this week to Missouri, then the Jayhawks have to share the conference title with their in-state rivals. So, huzzah. To be honest, I’m a little torn having spent time at both institutions. So I’ll do the non-confrontational thing and root for a good game. Go Basketball!

About a week ago the technicians here received a gracious gift from a delightful and thankful customer. Along with an iPod for repair, we received a copy of Krampusnacht, the latest album from The Bourbon Knights and its sounds have been filling the tech room ever since. And now I’m letting you all in on a little secret. This record is awesome. I could give you a list of some of the most creative album covers I’ve ever seen, but it’s rare that I find a record that sucks me in so convincingly before I even open the packaging. I’m rather prone to hyperbolic statements about the best this or the greatest that, but this time I mean it. This is my favorite packaging I’ve seen on any album ever. The coarse brown paper and the folky illustrations perfectly set the tone for the music you’re about to hear. And the songs certainly don’t disappoint; fans of gypsy-folk sounds like Gogol Bordello or the Red Elvises will likely find something familiar, and even more accessible. But there’s something much warmer, more sincere about The Bourbon Knights creation. They made a hip, current record without ignoring the influence of classics like Django Reinhardt. More than that, it’s easy imagine how much fun they had making this record, and the cultural references to the Krampus help make this one of the more enjoyable albums I’ve listened to in a while.

Krampusnacht isn’t available on iTunes, but you can find it at So it’s my quasi-iTunes pick of the week. Get the album, put it on your iPod or iPhone, and enjoy. Talk to you later, friends.


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