Reasons to Provide Mobile Devices to Employees

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mobile devicesBring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a popular business practice these days. Employees are bringing and using their smartphones, iPhones, tablets, and iPads at work every single day. It’s made their days easier and more productive. While this initially seems awesome, it’s not exactly all that it’s cracked up to be – there are security and privacy risks you need to know about.

#1: Better Security

When companies allow employees to BYOD, they are putting themselves at risk for breaching confidentiality. Employees are bringing their devices home and using them in public settings. There’s no protection from a stranger, family member or friend tapping in to uncover sensitive information. While employees can be held responsible for the breach, most of it lies on the company, especially when it comes to healthcare data.

When you provide mobile devices to employees, it will be possible to install security software that ensure programs are locked with a passcode. No one will be able to access the data unless they know the code to open the programs. While this can be done with BYOD, since it belongs to the owner, he or she can disagree with installing it.

#2: Limit Distractions

Device owners will have apps that they enjoy, which can distract them from what they should really be doing – working. They can access Facebook, Twitter, and all of the game apps. Minutes and then hours can go by that could have been better used to work to grow the company.

By providing mobile devices to employees, you can ensure that those apps are not part of them. This means that when they are using their device, they are working on it. This can increase productivity greatly.

#3: Easier Management of Devices

You don’t have any control over the devices that your employees buy on their own. If their devices break, they will be finding a repair shop to fix it. This again can result in security and privacy issues. Not only that, you end up with an employee who doesn’t have the tools to do his/her job.

When you govern the devices, you can use a company like iResQ to take care of broken ones. We repair devices within 24 hours and our service cannot be beat by local providers. We even have business accounts to help you save money and time. You will have a representative who will work with you directly. Our business clients love how streamlined our process is for their mobile devices.

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