Rawr: Mountain Lion sees some cool new updates

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For people who love using iPhoto, iMovie and other programs from Mountain Lion on their MacBook, AppleInsider is reporting that there have been some key new updates that should please users. Those who want to see these but have a broken device should look into MacBook repair.

“Updates for Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are now available on the Mac App Store,” the news source said. “Each application has also been updated to take advantage of the high-resolution Retina display on the next-generation MacBook Pro. Apple has said that files will 'appear sharper and more vibrant' after the update.”

With the iMovie updates, Apple Insider said issues have been fixed related to third-party QuickTime components. Other than that, stability issues with previewing clips have been improved and audio issues have been improved as well. With Aperture, performance and stability improvements have been made to the program.

LifeHacker said people who want to upgrade to Mountain Lion should check to see what version of OS X they're currently running and see whether other apps and programs are compatible with new OS.

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