Random thoughts on a gorgeous fall day in Kansas City

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Well hello from a picture perfect 75 degree and sunny Kansas City day!

Every time I experience such beautiful weather, it reminds me that the grey depressing time of winter is right around the corner…    BUT LOOK OUT!   This post is on the positive tip!    Not gonna let ‘old man winter’s inevitable appearance get me down.

Did you see my Chiefs are 3-0?    I really like this scrappy team.    Our defense is playing really well and the offense is starting to come along.    Before the season I was heckled for picking the Chiefs to go 9-7.    I’m off to a nice start, so, who’s laughing now naysayers??


Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the Royals.    Man what a bummer.    25 years since our decisive World Series victory over the St. Louis Cardinals.    I’m happy to see this season coming to a merciful end.

So, wow, things have been nuts here at iResQ.    We are getting tons of iPhone, iPod, PSP and Apple Portables repairs.   You wouldn’t believe it!    Gotta be careful with those little guys, but hey if you have an accident, we’re here to take care of them for you.    I’d say it’s long overdue that we have a QPON from my blog.    Let’s do the QPON “PUMPKINS” for 6 dollars off of any repair.   As always, this does not apply to any of our diagnostic services – ONLY FLAT RATE REPAIRS.     Just email me the QPON “PUMPKINS”  and your order confirmation to mick@iresq.com and I’ll refund 6 bucks back to your card.

I hope everyone had a safe summer and a very safe Fall/Halloween season.    Keep things spooky out there and best of luck raking those leaves!!

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