Power through the Olympics with new apps

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You've worked hard for this. There have been months of training and learning about each sport and event, and now the 2012 London Olympics are finally here. In order to make the most of biggest event of the summer, you're going to need the best Olympics apps for the iPad. If you've got a broken tablet, you're going to want to get iPad repair as soon as possible.

Technology news source, Blorge, says the “London 2012: Official app” is a must have, as the app gives maps and schedules of events for those who are there and a good photostream for those who may not be. There are also apps by NBC, Reuters and the BBC – the latter receiving high praise from the source.

“This is the BBC’s time to shine,” Blorge said. “Being that the Olympics are in London, the BBC went all out and created a great app that will provide live, streaming coverage to users in the U.K. Up-to-date content is available to everyone that downloads it. Reuters is providing the U.S. equivalent in their app.”

Don't get left in the dust. Those who don't have an iPad ready to go should look to iPad repair from iResQ. With this service, people can settle in to watch the games on their device and not worry that a cracked screen is going to ruin their enjoyment.

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