Power Thanksgiving with these iOS apps

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With features such as menu planning, shopping help and Turkey-themed games, there are plenty of iOS apps that make you want to give thanks for technology during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Appadvice.com recently rounded up a series of useful Thanksgiving apps. The site suggested shoppers take advantage of the Peapod app, which lets you do grocery shopping straight from your phone, and the Clear app, which is designed to help prioritize shopping lists, to-do lists and more.

The Thanksgiving Menu Maker app from Fine Cooking offers menu suggestions and outlines shopping lists, prep time schedules and more, allowing cooks to both find new menu ideas and fine-tune their kitchen plan. Appadvice.com also recommended the Snapguide and Food Network In the Kitchen apps for cooking tutorials, as well as the NFL ‘12 app for keeping track of post-dinner football.

Appbite.com recommended two Thanksgiving themed games, Turkey Plucker and Turkey Words, which both provide social activities with a holiday twist. The site also suggested using ScrapPad to instantly create a Thanksgiving-themed scrapbook of pictures from the day.

If using a Thanksgiving app causes you to drop your device in the gravy, iResQ’s iPhone repair services can solve the problem before the leftover turkey runs out.

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