Potty training just went high tech

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Training a toddler to use the potty has never been an easy task. You might have heard the horror stories orattempted the seemingly impossible yourself. At the recent 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, many parents might have been surprised or overjoyed at the showcase of one item that could lead to a few less grayhairs: the iPotty.

The iPotty, from CTA Digital, could be the perfect potty training accessory for all the tech-savvy toddlers out there. It’s a plastic potty that is equipped to allow kids to play with an iPad while they train to use the toilet. The plastic, removable potty bowl has an iPad stand attached to the front and includes a plastic cover to protect the device from any … let’s call it “mess,” that could occur while the training is being completed.

“Reps at CES claimed that toddlers in the toilet training phase often get bored and fidgety on the can, so the iPotty will help keep them sitting,” contributor K.T. Bradford wrote for Digital Trends. “I suppose that since they can’t read a magazine it’s fair to give them something they can do.”

Bradford further detailed that the iPotty transforms into a regular iPad station due to a handy seat cover that can turn it into a normal seat. For any bathroom and potty training mishaps, iResQ’s iPad replacement glass and other repair services can save the day.

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