Podcasts to get their own place in iTunes

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Many people love using their Apple devices to listen to the litany of podcasts that are available on iTunes, but having a broken speaker or headphone jack could ruin the ability to do this. With iPhone or iPad repair, people can get back to listening to all the podcasts they want. Soon, people will be able to do this more easily, as AllThingsD reports that Apple plans to give podcasts “their own bit of digital turf.”

“People familiar with Apple’s plans tell me that when its new iOS 6 software becomes widely available this fall, podcasts will have their own app, where users will be able to discover, download and play them on mobile devices,” the news source said. “Users who access iTunes via laptop and desktop machines will still find them in that version of iTunes, though.”

Last year, iTunes broke video and music into separate entities and iBooks received a separate area as well, AllThingsD said, so this is an unsurprising way to compartmentalize offerings from the company.

Tools like this are great reasons to have an iPhone repair service readily available. With a fixed headphone jack or other sound issue, people can go back to listening to their podcasts as soon as possible.

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