Perfect Strangers

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Hi – I was just thinking about old horrible 80’s television and fondly remembered the hit show ‘Perfect Strangers’. What a great show – remember “Balki”? Heck of a guy and what a spazz!

Man – the glory days of TV.  I can barely stand TV anymore in this day and age. It’s all the same reality show or some crime drama. How many crime scene investigation shows can one network carry? I can think of one crime scene investigator that they could all use a lesson from…
Well, I’ll just stick to football for now. I can always download all the good shows to my iPhone and iPod Video.

I’d like to offer another QPON to you in honor of the good ol days. Email the QPON ‘PERFECT STRANGERS’ to me with your order number at and I’ll knock off 10 bucks off of any REPAIR. This doesn’t apply to ANY diagnostic service, only repairs.

Alright, I gotta get back to work. Have a wonderful week.

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