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Hey chilluns. I was hoping that with a week off of the blogging, someone might send me a Pancake Day iTunes playlist per the last contest. But sadly, no. No one answered the call. Eh, no big deal. We had a great evening anyway, complete with three different kinds of breakfast sausage. If you have no idea what I’m referring to, check my last post. If you do know what I’m talking about and just don’t care, let’s move on.

Looks like Garmin has thrown their hat in the smart phone ring with this week’s announcement of the Nuviphone (or nuviphone, or n viphone, depending on whose internet tech rumors you happen to be reading). Naturally, there’s a buzz about competition with the iPhone, the industry-leading smart phone, like it or not. You can check out specs and speculations at Gizmodo, but I’m going to offer my predictions anyway.

First and foremost; Garmin is absolutely the frontrunner in all things GPS. The fact that they have the most accurate satellite technology in the business certainly gives them an edge in the navigation field, no question about it. Slightly less impressive is the operating system they’re built on. Apple’s touch screen and OS software integration on the iPhone has been overwhelmingly popular and easy to use, so we’ll see which features demand the most consumer attention. Garmin’s enormous International Headquarters is right across the street from iResQ, and we have some former techs that are now in their ranks, so I’ll see what kind of information I can get them to leak. In the meantime, go watch our music video at, and

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