Pajamas all day long.

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So I went to the dentist yesterday and was struck by two revelations. First, going to get my teeth cleaned would be exponentially better if there was a flat screen TV mounted to the ceiling so I could watch SportsCenter while I lay back and let a lady with latex gloves that smell like diapers jab at my gums with tools they wouldn’t dare use at Gitmo. I was later informed by my dentist friend Mitch that his practice has TVs for their patients to watch. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

My second revelation was this: people in the medical field get to wear pajamas all day long. Don’t get me wrong- I’m not trying to marginalize what doctors, nurses and dentists do. You’re surely greater than the rest of us. But seriously, you’ve been rubbing your comfortable uniforms in our faces for years, and now they even make scrubs with style so you’re no longer semi-formless powder blue rectangles. Just check these nursing scrubs out. So, I’ve resolved to wear scrubs all day every day from now on. I mean, in a way I’m a doctor of Apple computer repair. Ok, ok. That’s a stretch. But seriously- pajamas all day long. Think about it.

You remember that absurd Tomahawk Skull Gauntlet that I promoted last week? And by absurd I mean most awesome ever. Well, it turns out there’s a whole online catalog full of Tomahawk Skull-related items just waiting to become presents this holiday season. I know because someone signed me up for the regular newsletter without my permission. Totsch, I’m looking in your direction. While I’m on a roll with stellar ideas, I’m going to go ahead and make this an open letter to Apple to demand a Tomahawk Skull Edition MacBook and MacBook Pro. Nothing says “back up off my portable” like an angry skull with claws. Claws that are on fire. Whoa.

Seriously, I’d better quit before I get too geeked out. Have a great week, everybody, and to help you out this season, email coupon code “Pajamas” to before December 25th for $10 off your next MacBook Pro LCD repair.

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