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Hello all, just dropping in on this very romantic Valentine’s Day to let you know we are off to an amazing 2011 here at iResQ. We’ve been featured in a few web/blog articles recently, and I’d like to mention one here.

– John at SuperAffiliateTwins.com writes about his iResQ experience: http://www.superaffiliatetwins.com/mac-product-breaks-guys/

Thanks John! Glad to hear you were happy with our service.

If you’re a potential customer on the fence, trying to decide whether to send your product across the country to us for repair, you can always find solace and good information about us from reputable review sites online. Here are some review sites you can check out:

Reseller Ratings Review of iResQ
Rate It All – Reviews of iResQ
Better Business Bureau – Report / Review of iResQ

Looking for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift? Check this out:

Pink iPhone 4 Back Glass / Backplate
It's a pink back glass / backplate!

That’s right, we have pink, baby blue, and red iPhone 4 backplates for sale on our site. Only $39!

Before you go, don’t forget to check out Brad’s list of recent price slashings. There are some amazing deals in there!

That’s it for now folks. I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!

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