Once upon a midnight dreary…

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Like Brian said, it’s been nuts here at iResQ this week- new year, a whole slew of new repairs to be done. We’re full on into January, and it’s cold here in Kansas City. Everyone is bundling up in warm clothes like this:

Oh, whoops. That’s a 2010 AFC West Champions hoodie. How did that get in there? Yes, that’s right. The Chiefs are hosting a playoff game this Sunday at our very own Arrowhead Stadium, and it’s going to be a tough one, to be sure. Since we’ll need all the backing we can get against a playoff-experienced Baltimore Ravens squad, lend us a word of support and I’ll give you a nice discount off your next MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air repair service. Email “GO CHIEFS” to eric@iresq.com between now and Sunday for $25 off your repair. This offer is valid on flat-rate or approved repairs, not free diagnostics, and be sure to include your order number so the discount can be applied. And guess what? If the Chiefs win Sunday the discounts will keep coming, so unless you’re a Ravens fan, keep cheering on the West. Quoth the Raven, ‘Nevermore.’ Have a great weekend, everybody.

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