Oh Captain, My Captain: brief reflections on Jobs’ resignation.

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Well it’s been almost a week since Steve Jobs, the leading technological visionary of the last decade, resigned as CEO of Apple. And with a few days under our belt to see the ripples in the Apple pond, has much really changed? AAPL took a slight dip in the market, but it doesn’t appear to be anything to panic about if you’re a shareholder. Tim Cook, who has reportedly been a pillar of support for Jobs and has complimented Jobs’ vision casting with real-world business savvy, appears to be in it for the long haul, as the company offered a 1,000,000 share incentive for him to stay on until 2021. I think what Apple fanatics feared as a result of losing Jobs as CEO was that intangible spirit of pursuit, of advancing technology for the masses, of aggressively making the world of portable devices and personal computers more accessible, more convenient, more streamlined. But fear not, minions. Jobs is staying on as Chairman and that means the intangibles should stick around too. It actually seems like the best possible arrangement for the company moving forward, at least from a consumer perspective. Jobs doesn’t get weighed down by the business, but he gets to remain a contributor to the vision. Cook gets to do what he does best- grow an already thriving corporation -and has the creative likes of Jobs and Jonny Ive at his disposal.

Sure, the keynote speeches at developer conferences will be a little less charismatic. The market for black turtlenecks may take a downturn as well. But clearly Apple isn’t going anywhere. There’s surely a backlog of devices to keep the tech world busy for at least a few years, and with the iPhone landing on almost every wireless network available, the incumbent should be so for a while. And if the Steve Jobs intangibles remain intact, there’s nothing to worry about. Have a great week, everyone.

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