No Sleep ‘Till Brooklyn

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So a few months ago I got a cat. Say what you will, I am not a cat person. I am an animal person who lives in an apartment that doesn’t allow dogs. So there. Anyway, she used to be a cute kitten, but now all she does is wake me up at 4:00am by screeching and screeching until she gets attention (which usually involves me holding her by the scruff and yelling at her) positive or negative. This has been going on for at least a month or so. My wife and I have tried to do anything we can, and so far nothing has really worked.

We have tried ignoring it, but when you live in an apartment complex, you don’t want to be those people. We have tried pheromones, they haven’t worked either. We try putting down her favorite toys at night… nope. We tried switching her feeding schedule to eating at night and, yet again, it doesn’t work. So we are all out of ideas, and I am waking up at least two hours before I would even like to start thinking about waking up. Maybe you folks can give me an idea, these pictures should help… 

 Before, when we actually thought she was cute:img_4730.JPG



 So, if any of you have an idea to keep my cat quiet until at least 6:00am, I will find a way to repay you if it works. Trust me… You can send any ideas that don’t involve physical harm to me or my cat to Please, please help me.

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