No Place Like Home for the Holidays.

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Salutations, everybody. This is an exciting week for multiple reasons. First and foremost, our beloved Chiefs are two games up in the AFC West and can put the Chargers away for good with a win next week. So all of you outside of Southern California, we need your support in getting out of the division rut that we’ve been in for the last four years. Go Chiefs.

In case you hadn’t noticed, there are about two and a half weeks until Christmas, and Hanukkuh is coming to a close, so if you’re still looking for that perfect gift for your loved ones, MacBooks, iPods and iPads are still filling the shelves at your local Apple stores and merch retailers. What could make this season merrier than an iPad under the tree? Of course we’re usually swarmed this time of year with folks sending their current devices for repair rather than trying to fight the crowds for new toys. So don’t blow your budget on new gear if your old gear is nearly good as new. iResQ has your back as always.

Now, the coolest news I’ve heard from Apple in a while. I mean it. Almost five years ago Apple, Inc. purchased a parcel of land a few blocks east of their headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino. It was assumed that, at some point, they would be likely to build a new headquarters on the lot that was about twice as large as their current home. New developments this week though- they have purchased an additional and adjacent ninety-eight acres that has served as HP’s headquarters, bringing the total property to nearly 150 acres. Wow. Over the last decade Apple has sustained a reputation for being one of the most socially and environmentally responsible corporations of its size, so it should be assumed that the construction of their new über-facility will follow suit. That’s where the next exciting rumor makes a lot of sense, and should be confirmed soon. The architecture firm entrusted with designing 1 Infinite Loop’s successor is none other than London-based Foster + Partners. Norman Foster’s group is widely recognized as one of the most innovative, bold and environmentally- conscious firms in the world, a description supported by their extremely impressive body of work. Their most popular work includes London City Hall and the Millennium Bridge over the Thames, but they have stunning projects all over the world. Take a look at a few:

Music Hall The Sage Gateshead, UK
Zayed National Museum, UAE (Rendering)
Millau Viaduct, France
City Hall London, UK (with Tower Bridge)

Can you imagine what Foster has in store for Cupertino? I’m getting chills just thinking about those contours and all that shiny glass and exposed steel. Not to mention hints that the building is going to be essentially self-sustainable and green space will be maximized but constructing roads underground. Super exciting.

Until next week, everyone.

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