“No, I did not watch LOST last night….”

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Okay, The Man of the Hour needs to make everyone aware of something:  “No, I did not watch the season premier of LOST last night.”  I know, I know…you aren’t a fan unless you watch it during the season. Well I beg to differ-ahhhhhhhHH!   

The reason that I DID NOT tune in last night is because I simply just cannot handle the stress that it brings into my life.  After every single episode, I am left a broken and bruised man wondering what is going to happen next, and it seriously takes a toll on me. Sometimes I even have dreams that I too am on the Island trying to get back home! 

It isn’t an easy thing to admit to, but now all of you out in Internet-ville know of my weakness for LOST.  However, when Season 5 is released, you can all bet that I will lock myself in the house and watch every last second!  

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Hope all of you have a great weekend!  I know I will-aahhhhhhhHH! 

-The Man of the Hour

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