New stuff, new stuff, la la la la new stuff.

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I know, I know, my song writing is brilliant. But it’s easy when your muse is new iPods and Apple TVs. It’s been nearly a week since Steve Jobs’ keynote speech, but let’s take a gander back at the new toys. Let’s start smaller. Tiny in fact. With the only iPod that Apple actually made bigger than its predecessor, but for good reason. The Fourth Generation iPod Shuffle (NOW WITH BUTTONS!) is a vast improvement over the Third Generation, and only a slight improvement over the Second. In fact, it’s basically the Second Generation again, with about an eighth of an inch shaved off and a playlist feature, plus it went back to the $49 price point. So woo hoo, the Shuffle is good again. Next, the iPod Nano, which is a completely different Nano altogether. Basically a smaller iPod Touch, the Multi-Touch capable Nano is certainly the best Nano yet; smaller, but with a larger screen and more storage, hooray. Now we’re just waiting to overhear people calling it the iTouch Nano.

And speaking of the iTouch, er, iPod Touch, it keeps getting better. Retina display, FaceTime, and 3G capability? It’s basically an iPhone. As long as you don’t mind using Skype to make all your calls. With a free iBooks download and the new performance improvements, it’s hard to believe the 64GB is only $399 (especially because I paid $499 for my 32GB Gen 1 just a few years ago. Phooey). That’s the way of technology I suppose.

Now the biggest overhaul yet comes in the form of the Apple TV. This time around Apple actually made a device that you’ll want to use, instead just an expensive external drive for your iTunes and iPhoto Media. For just $99 you have 802.11n streaming of every video you could possibly want to download from the interweb. And it fits in the palm of your hand. Unless you have an abnormally small hand.

So that’s the news. In other news, the NFL is on for real starting this Thursday with one of the most anticipated season openers in recent memory. Saints vs. Vikings in the rematch of last year’s NFC Championship. Then there’s Packers vs. Eagles this weekend and Jets vs. Ravens and our beloved Chiefs vs. Chargers Monday night. What a weekend, huh? Well good luck, football fans. I hope all your teams win. Except you, San Diego.

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