New iTunes update causing syncing problems for some

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Some of those who have just downloaded the latest Lady Gaga or Justin Timberlake albums may have to wait a while before getting to hear those tracks on their iPhones. According to IDG News Service, the latest iTunes update has affected millions by not allowing them to upload their latest songs to their device.

There are ways to work around the problem, though. IDG News Service offered one solution for how to sync music to an iPhone despite the issues with iTunes. First, plug the iPhone into the computer and have it show up in iTunes. Across the bottom, there will be a device storage bar showing the owner how much space has been taken up.

After determining how much space is left, users can select the music tab at the top of iTunes and start unchecking music that isn't needed on the iPhone. Once that is finished, the owner should be able to sync the new music to his or her device. If not, it may be because the “other” section of the iPhone's storage is taking up more than it should be, which could be a display issue with the new iTunes.

Some may think they don't need iTunes anymore because of this problem, especially if they don't have any kind of music or videos stored on their computers. According to GottaBeMobile contributor Craig Lloyd, if that is the case, users can sync these files using cloud applications. Apps such as Spotify, Netflix and Dropbox allow iPhone owners to access music, files and photos from the cloud, rather than having to store these on iTunes.

If an owner has tried these solutions and is still experiencing some difficulties, send it to iResQ, where expert technicians can run diagnostics and make the iPhone repair necessary to fix the device.

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