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Hi all,

This is the time of year when things start to get crazy here at iResQ. I’m not talking about every-day busy (which we pretty much are). I’m talking about holiday season busy.

Believe it or not, just like your local shopping malls get busier and busier up until the new year, iResQ gets hammered during this time as well. We’re not a traditional e-commerce website that just sells products, but we still see a huge spike in business.

Time to bring in the extra guns!

We just recently hired Dylan Nelson to handle some of our customer service duties. He’s been a great addition so far and will be handling the front lines when our customers call or e-mail in for assistance and questions. Now we have a Dylan and a Dillon on staff, and they both play a pretty mean guitar from what I understand. The newest Dylan performs with other iResQ staffers, Ryan Carr and Eric Kautzi (blog sensation) in their church. “Old Dillon,” who is not old at all, is a member of the start-up group known as “The Flop.” They have had several name changes already so who knows what it will end up being called when they start playing the local scene. That group includes Bryan Moeller, Jeff Treese, and Keith Melendez, also iResQ employees.

That pretty much covers the Dylans and Dillons, but there are also other employees on staff who are musicians.

Needless to say, this is what our office looks like at break time:

Alright back to work! Everyone enjoy your weekend and give us a buzz if you need help with your precious Apple products!

Keep rockin.

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