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Hey ladies and gentlemen and gentlewomen. Exciting news today, if you haven’t heard already. If, in fact, you haven’t, let me give you a hint. The PowerBook G3. The PowerBook G4. iTunes. The iPod. The Intel-based MacBook line. The iPhone. See where we’re going with this? That’s right, Apple unveiled the newest item in their portable devices family. The iPad, Apple’s next-generation portable, was announced today at the quarterly developers conference. And if it seems years beyond its closest relative, the Apple Newton, that’s because it is. And even though it’s been seventeen years since that debacle was unleashed on the tech world, the leap forward in technology makes it seem like decades. The touch screen technology so well-implemented in the iPhone and iPod Touch has been waiting for a larger format to show off what it can do. Smooth. Sorry, Microsoft- what was that Edsel-esque thing that was going to change the personal computer? Surface? Um, yeah. Try again.

So it looks like Apple will be releasing all sorts of new apps for the iPad in the next few months. That iBooks app looks like a pretty sharp competitor for the Kindle, except the name brings up some bad memories of BO-stench keyboards and failing video cards. So it goes. Keep an eye out at Macrumors or Gizmodo for new developments. Peace, y’all.


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