New Flickr iOS app for photo lovers

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All of you shutterbugs who use a variety of social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter to document and share parts of your life will likely jump for joy with Yahoo!'s launch of the Instagram-inspired Flickr iOS app update.

The Next Web detailed the app update as a stripped down version that has been completely redesigned.

“The app has been given a fresh, modern look that allows users to immediately log in using their existing Yahoo account but also using their Facebook credentials,” Matt Brian wrote. “[The iPhone app] groups your contacts' most recent updates on the main screen, allowing you to favorite them with a simple double-tap. Similar to Instagram, Flickr offers a tab that groups photos based on Interestingness or by location, and like Twitter, enables users to add filters to photos.”

USA Today reported that the revised Apple iOS app includes the addition of 15 Instagram-like filters for photo enhancement.

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