New device enables mobile 3D scanning

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No longer will artists and designers need to fuss with expensive desktop scanning technologies to capture a 3D image of a real-life object. French startup company Occipital recently released the Structure Sensor, a mobile 3D scanner that mounts onto a user's iPad. Mashable stated this technology can be utilized for a wide variety of applications,  from simple object capturing to creating video game characters and augmented-reality games.

The portable scanner allows consumers to immediately access the dimensions of scanned objects via the device's built-in camera.

“Our camera is actually axially aligned with the built-in camera,” said Occipital founder Jeff Powers. “That's important because we're fusing the data from those two sensors. We're also fusing the gyro and accelerometer that's on board. In the iPad, you kind of have the rest of the story, but it was missing this active 3D sensing.”

Powers stated to Mashable that the Structure Sensor improves upon previously available 3D scanning applications. Occipital's device enables users to more easily scan items with little or no texture with a structured light emitter.

Digital Trends suggested several benefits of the scanner, which stem from its portability, including ability to scan a room for renovation plans or capturing the likeness of a friend.

According to Digital Trends, Structure Sensor can scan an image from up to 11.5 feet away, and the scanner can also be leveraged on Android devices with a USB adapter. Currently, the startup project has a goal of raising $100,000 so that ordered devices may be shipped in February 2014.

Before creating your own game character with scanning technology, ensure the device is in optimal working order. If in need of iPad repair services, iResQ's iPad replacement glass and screen repair can get users on their way to working on their own 3D projects.

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