New cases will make iPhones waterproof

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For as long as there is water, there will be smartphone users dropping their devices into it, often leading to iPhone repair. Apple recently offered water damage as a part of its AppleCare+ coverage. However, new cases for these phones aim to prevent water damage from occurring in the first place. GigaOM's Dave Greenbaum recently discussed a few options that can keep an iPhone safe.

“An alternative to Applecare is to get an everyday case that can withstand water and other mishaps, and that's where I put my money,” wrote Greenbaum. “The market in waterproof cases has grown considerably with numerous new entries since I first reviewed the field.”

One such case is the SAFE case offered by Outdoor Tech. As one of the cheaper products on the market at $50, it is easy to install, there is no reduction in sound quality and users still have access to volume controls. This a good case for everyday use.

The Balistic Hydra is a waterproof and shockproof case that provides excellent drop protection up to eight feet. The case can also be clipped to a belt and like the SAFE, sound quality and access to side buttons weren't an issue.

Otterbox, one of the leaders in iPhone cases, recently introduced a new series of cases for the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices, The Las Vegas Guardian reported.

The Preserver series is now available for those smartphone users and offer shock protection for when it is dropped up to six-and-a-half feet while also capable of preventing damage when submerged at the same depth for 30 minutes. There are also port protection pieces that stop dust and debris from getting in.

If these cases do fail, iPhone users are able to send their broken devices into iResQ, where expert technicians take care of all iPhone repair.

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