New App Store has some Genius ideas

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Apple users looking for cool new apps may be happy to know that Genius is on their side. A new version of the App Store recently hit the iOS 6 beta, giving iPhone and iPad users a look at the way they might buy apps in the future.

The new App Store uses an icon interface adapted from Chomp, an app-searching startup that Apple purchased. In addition to the new look, in which tiles replace the old list system, the App Store also now pushes suggestions from its Genius feature into the spotlight, Apple Insider reported. Screenshots from the website show the Genius tab at the bottom of the App Store interface, replacing the Categories option that used to allow users to browse apps by topic. Categories will still be an option, but now it’s in the App Store’s top left corner.

TechCrunch noted that this change might help developers boost app downloads by making it easier for users to discover new apps, but the site also observed that the shift to tiles over lists might push users to look through fewer app options.

Whatever apps people choose, though, they’ll want to make sure their iPad or iPhone is running smoothly, and iPad repair and iPhone repair for cracked screens will always be in demand by even the most ingenious user.

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