NBA Finals 2010

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Well its over now. Another NBA season has come and gone and a storied rivalry continues on. Oh the magic. As mentioned during the NBA broadcast, watching the Celtics versus the Lakers this time of year “just feels right”.

Now since we don’t have an NBA basketball team here, there’s just not as much passion for the game as there is for football or even baseball. Still, the workplace has been buzzing with talk of the finals. This year’s finals was one heck of a roller coaster ride all the way to the end. Who would have thought that the Celtics would look so good at the beginning of game seven after getting trounced in game six? Yeah yeah, I know, the Celtics were getting dominated on the boards but they managed to lead the Lakers by double digits for a few minutes. In the end, though, I think rebounding was key to the entire series. One way or another, congratulations to this year’s champions, the Los Angeles Lakers.

One thing in particular that I enjoyed watching in this year’s finals was seeing all the stars in the stands at the Lakers games. Of course, Jack Nicholson was there, but seeing all of the other big timers was fun. If you didn’t already know, a lot of folks here at iResQ love the show, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. So we were all pleased to see Larry David court side. In honor of this, enjoy the gallery of stars I put together for you.

My man, LD!

Mainstay Jack Nicholson. If you can tell me who that guy is sitting next to him, you deserve a high five. Seriously, someone tell me who that guy is. Is it Larry David in disguise?
Oh yeah. Do you remember seeing Kobe just ignore Chris Rock during the finals? Total concentration.
Nice purse, TO. OK ok, he's with his daughter so I'll let this slide.
I love Denzel's work. What do you think he's talking to Chad Ochocinco about? Maybe we'll see Denzel on dancing with the stars.

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