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Hey everyones. You excited about the improvements to the iPod line that Steve, YES STEVE JOBS, unveiled at the recent developers conference? As exciting as it is that the Godfather of Apple, Inc. came back to once again deliver the keynote speech, the content of his presentation was even cooler.

In particular, the new features on the iPod Nano deserve most of the headlines. A much larger screen, FM radio tuner with a live pause option, a pedometer and, most importantly, a video camera. Granted 8 or 16 gigabytes isn’t room enough to shoot the next Lord of the Rings installment or anything, but it’s great for amateur shorts.

So here’s a deal I have for you. You shoot a video on your new iPod Nano and email it to me, and I’ll take 10% off your next Apple notebook repair. Terms and Conditions: 1) Videos must be five minutes or less. 2) Videos must have some attempt at a story arc, so make sure something actually happens. 3) Activity on the video must be legal. Beyond that, go nutz. 4) Email videos, along with your six-digit invoice or web confirmation number to by Halloween. That’s the 31st of October, people. Good luck.

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